——————- Some Podcasts to listen to —————–

Submissive Aspect: From A Collard Sub (Contains adult material)


 —————– Voice Recording/Social Apps ——————-

Here are a few audio websites and apps. If you use any apps or websites that is not on the list please leave it in a  comment so it can be added.

[DISCLAIMER: The following apps/websites are not endorsed nor recommended by SassyCat. The following are merely suggestions.]

audioboom – There is where “Febooary” started. 10 minutes record time. Several small circles of community. >Review<

voicebo – Information about this app >HERE<

chirbit – Cost 99 cents in the itunes app store. Recording time is limited to the space on your device. Platform has zero communication among users. >Review<

eevzdrop – 10 minutes record time. Not a lot of communication between members. Creators of app are friendly & available. >Review<

melt – A review of this app >HERE<

yappie – A review on this app >HERE< Only 60 seconds of record time. Some communication between members.

voqel – This website and app is really cool. It’s divided up into different categories for listening. Not sure on the time limit, however I’m pretty sure it’s longer than 20 minutes.

ipadio – This website & app is another really good one. You can use a phone to call to record your podcast or you can use the app to record your podcast. There is at least an hour of recording time.

soundcloud – Requires the purchase of a plan after your “free 3 hours” has expired.

Spreaker – Same as Soundcloud. Not sure on the allowed “free recording time.” However once that is expired there is a plan offered for purchase.

Zugme – Check out their “How it works” page

yourlisten – This website looks pretty good. There is NO app. It divides recordings into different categories. Not sure on the time limit. One would have to upload the files to the site verses being able to record and post like on most phone apps.


————– File Sharing Sites —————



———- Audio Challenges ———-

Febooary – 28 day audio challenge with daily prompts. #febooary

Audiomo – a month long audio challenge that occurs in June. Record an audio a day. Tweet the link using #audiomo.

Octaver – a month long audio challenge that occurs in October. Each daily prompt is about music. Contact Omaniblog for more information. Search the internet for the hashtag #octaver

Audio_blo – Continues where Audiomo leaves off. A year long audio meme. You can use the prompts or you can just tag your daily audio blog posts with the hashtag #audio_blo


————- Topic Suggestions —————–

I had been trying to come up with different daily topics and hashtags to use for the times I couldn’t come up with something to talk about. Macolgan picked up the ball and ran with it. He also gave some more theme thoughts for the rest of the days of the week.

Maybe you need some assistance with something to talk about. I know I do (sometimes).

Here are some more theme thoughts for the rest of the week. You are more than welcome to record your audio and use the hashtag.

Secret Sunday  Share a secret about yourself. Hashtag #mysecrets

Meaningful Monday – Talk about anything that is special, important or significant to you. An experience over the weekend or something you seen. Hashtag – #MeaningfulMonday

Music/Movie Monday – Share your opinion about a recent movie your watched over the weekend or maybe a new song you are currently hooked on. Talk about anything regarding a movie or music. Hashtag – #MusicMovieMonday

Monday Madness – Tell us about your crazy weekend or maybe you have a hectic week ahead. Hashtag #mondaymadness

Thoughtful Tuesday – Share an experience of thoughtfulness for you or that you heard about or seen today or this week or over the weekend. It’s all about being “Thoughtful.” Hashtag – #ThoughfulTuesday

TMITuesday – Answer the questions that are provided by the TMI Tuesday Blog.  Too Much Information. Share more of an adult topic. Something personal, very personal about you. #tmituesday

Tuesday’s Tip – Share a little piece of advice or pass on some useful information based on your personal experiences. Hashtag #tuesdaystip

Witty Whimsical Wednesday – Share a funny story that you heard this week or today. Share a funny, silly maybe even embarrassing moment for you today or this week. Hashtag – #wwwednesday

Wishful Wednesday – Share something you wish for or share anything that’s make believe, fantasy, use your imagination.  Hashtag #wishfulwednesday

Truthful Thursday – Share something truthful about yourself. Hashtag – #TruthfulThursday

Think Back Thursday – Talk about your past. Your childhood, past decades, etc. #thinkbackthursday

Frankly, I don’t give a damn Friday – Share something you don’t care about. Something you’re tired about hearing on the news or a pet peeve that you experienced today or this week. Hashtag – #FranklyFriday

Storytime Saturday – Tell us a story…about anything! Hashtag #saturdaystories

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Kink of the Week

Wicked Wednesday