Too Wordy Wednesday [Audiomo]

Greeting & Salutations…

Below are some of the highlights of the podcast.

  • A late start to my day.
  • Yard work and more yard work
  • Japanese Beetles
  • New habit of rummaging through the neighbor’s trash
  • New items from the trash
  • Spar Varnish
  • Morning Glory Annuals
  • Bird Seed Wreath (see photo)
  • Keeping the squirrels off the wreath
  • Recycling an old trash can lid
  • Pinterest has great ideas for garden art
  • Talking to the neighbor ladies (Big Bad Neighbor Momma came at Me)
  • A band of teen girls and their criminal actions
  • STOP! at the stop sign
  • My driver’s fresher driving course
  • Continuing with the neighborhood kids becoming more criminal
  • Audiomo is an event for EVERYONE & ANYONE who loves to record audio. ‘

Challenge yourself to record an daily audio clip for the month of June. Use hashtag #audiomo

Thanks for listening!

Laterness People


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